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The Twin Planets series
Mikiria / by Lamont Downs.
Mikiria recounts the story of Will Barton, a middle-aged aerospace industry dropout who unexpectedly meets a new friend and soon finds himself desperately attempting to avert an interplanetary war. The incidents related in Mikiria take place within the space of a few brief months but are deeply rooted in the tragic events of a half-century earlier, and whose repercussions relentlessly disrupt the lives of all concerned. Ultimate disaster looms as integrity and self-sacrifice are pitted against an idealism that threatens to destroy three planets.

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The Three Minds / by Lamont Downs.
The Three Minds. Rebuilding a planet is no small undertaking, and big jobs can take a lot out of you. However, there are times when it just doesn't pay to take a vacation, and nineteen ninety-nine definitely proves to be one of them. Between snipers, flak, and insurrections you can get so aggravated that you just want to start throwing large--well, very large objects...

Sequel to Mikiria, The Three Minds is the second book in the Twin Planets series.

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Senaria / by Lamont Downs.
Senaria. When we last left our heroes--um, why are we in the middle of the Mojave Desert? And who is this high school girl, and why is she camping out alone? And--isn't that the Futaba landing on top of her?! And just what does any of this have to do with Senaria? For the answers to these and other questions of cosmic import you'll just have to start reading Senaria, now at long last online.

Sequel to The Three Minds, Senaria is the third book in the Twin Planets series.

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Other Fiction
A Re-evaluation of the Events Leading to the Restoration of the Imperial Throne in 1996
This is a piece of fan fiction based on AIC/Pioneer's Tenchi Muyo anime series. If you're not familiar with Tenchi this may be rather incomprehensible...
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