Directory of Campgrounds and Motels/Hotels near Railroads

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Western United States

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Forest Service Campground
Camp Hale (Pando), CO
Comments: "Located at Camp Hale (Pando), Colorado, site of the 10th Mountain Divison training Base during WWII on the DRGW/SP Tennessee Pass. On US 24 about 25 miles from Minturn or 5 miles from the summit. Elevation is about 9,000 ft. This is a Forest Service Campground. Level sites for tents through motor homes."
"Water is available at the campground from a hand pump. No electricity. Pit toilets are kept clean and serviced. Daily rate is $6.00. No phone at the site, but a pay phone is available about a mile away. Too isolated by mountains for Cellular also."
"Some sites have a distant view of trains above the campground."
"Alternately, since the whole site is USFS, camping is allowed anywhere else with no fee, but also no services. You can camp next to the track at Pando if you want."
"Excellent railroad access by US 24 from Minturn to Tennessee Pass and on eastward. Many locations for photos accessible by car with others by 4WD."
Source: email (Last revision date: 30 Aug 95)

KOA Campground
6527 S I-25
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: (303)681-3169
Train Frequency: "Very heavy--probably around 20-35 trains a day, predominently unit coal trains."
Comments: "Years ago, my family stayed at a KOA in Castle Rock. The campground had an ATSF style caboose for the office and the site was absolutely adjacent to the Joint Line southbound track. The northbound track was clearly visable from the camp ground. Even the pool had a great view of the railroad.--April 16, 1996."
"We stayed here in Summer of 1996, and the place is incredible. The campground has a caboose painted in Frisco colors literally right next to the southbound mainline, remodeled inside as an additional camping cabin. The campground's private grade crossing is maybe 30 feet from the caboose, and anywhere from 6-10 trains came by every night (not counting the northbound mainline across the freeway). The track curves just before the grade crossing, so after you hear the sound build up for several minutes you get a headlight shining right into the window at you, and a few moments later the diesels whistle for the grade crossing. A fantastic show; just don't count on getting much sleep." "Be sure to ask for the caboose when you make reservations, as they don't normally mention it to regular customers, according to one of the desk clerks. There are also two Kamping Kabins down by the tracks, but the remaining ones are up on the hillside with no view at all of the tracks.--August 14, 1996."
Source: (Last revision date: Weds, 14 Aug 96)

Cotopaxi/Arkansas River KOA
21435 US HWY 50
Cotopaxi, CO 81625
Phone: (719) 275-9308
Train Frequency: "Somewhere in the vicinity of 10-20 trains a day when we were there (June 1996), but this could change drastically when the UP/SP merger takes hold, as UP is trying to adon this line."
Comments: "Very pleasant campground nestled in the Arkansas River valley about 23 miles west of Royal Gorge. The campground is located on the edge of the river, and the railroad (former D&RGW Tennessee Pass line) is just on the other side, against a rock cliff. The sound and view are tremendous. There are three Kamping Kabins right next to the river with a view of the tracks. The proprieters are also very friendly and helpful." "This is a great base for railfanning the Tennessee Pass line. The summit tunnel is only about a two hour drive away, and Salida has several good places for breakfast, etc. And of course the Royal Gorge is only about a 40 minute drive, along the very photogenic Arkansas River canyon."
Source: (Last revision date: Weds 14 Aug 96)

LaQuinta Inn - Denver Center
3500 Fox (near I-25 and West 38th)
Denver, CO
Phone: 303/296-6666
Comments: "This summer we arrived in Denver by air and stayed overnight at the LaQuinta Inn - Denver Center. It is a long walk (w/o baggage), or a short taxi ride away from Denver Union Station, but is trackside! The address is 3500 Fox (near I-25 and West 38th), phone 303/296-6666. The rate listed in "Rail Ventures" is $48."
Source: (Last revision date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995)

Oxford Hotel, etc.
Denver, CO
Comments: "Just up 17th street from Union Station is the Oxford Hotel, which has undergone considerable renovation. It is within easy walking distance and the area is not too bad. The aforementioned Oxford is the only hotel within walking distance of Denver Union Station. Next door to the Oxford on Wazee Street@17th (one blk SE of the station) is an excellent seafood restaurant called McCormack's. If you go out either front door of the station and look directly away from it you will be looking SE down 17th street.13 blocks SE on 17th is the Brown Palace Hotel, one of the Premier hotels in Denver. Across Tremont one block nearer to the station is a Comfort Inn (reservations recommended). 5 blocks SE of station on 17th is a Westin Hotel. 7 blks SE and 2 blks NE (19th & Curtis) is an Embassy Suites. If you go out either front door of the station and turn left you will be looking at Coors Field, new home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team. The area around the station is undergoing a renovation. Most of the buildings are or have been renovated, as well as the streets and sidewalks. The station itself now has completely new platforms. The Denver transit busses stop right at the station's rear doors."
Source: (Last revision date: 10 Nov 1994)

Hotel Denver
402 Seventh Street
Glenwood Springs, CO
Comments: "The Hotel Denver is located directly across the street from the Amtrak station in Glenwood Springs. From rooms facing north or west, the SP main line is in view in addition to the mountains."
Source: Passenger Train Journal - August 1989 Issue (Last revision date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995)

Pioneer Campground
Hot Sulphur Springs, CO
Comments: ": 3) phone number None- Operated by Colorado Division of Wildlife, along with the City of Hot Sulphur Springs. For info, one could call the City Hall or the Grand County Courthouse in Hot Sulphur. : 4) name of the rail line, and approximate train frequency D&RGW-SP (Originally built as part of the "Moffat Road") This is the main line of the SP west of Denver. Approximately 8 trains each way each day, including Amtrak's "California Zephyr" in both directions, and numerous coal trains, including some with mid-train helpers. : 5) are trains actually visible from the motel/campground, or just : audible The trains are within 20 feet of several areas of the campground. When a coal train comes through, you'll think it is going to run over you. : 6) other information of interest The campground is bordered on the South by the Colorado River, and on the North by the Railroad. There is a small resort just across the tracks which has a hot pool with water from a natural spring. The campground is free, no charge, but the facilities are rather poor, and not well maintained. The area is populated by large cottonwood trees, and one can camp directly on the shore of the Colorado River, for fishing, or just plain relaxing in a lawn chair. Access Hot Sulphur Springs by U.S. 40, one of Colorado's more scenic routes. Just to the West of the campground is Byers Canyon, a scenic area in which to photograph trains. The famed "Moffat Tunnel" is about 30 miles to the east, as is Winter Park, Colorado, a very famous ski resort. This is about 100 miles West of Denver via "Berthoud Pass", a scenic high-mountain pass over the Continental Divide in Colorado. Be aware that this area is subject to weather conditions that occur at higher elevations, I believe Hot Sulphur Springs is about 7000 feet above sea level. There are also 2 motels in nearby Granby, Colorado, that are directly across from the tracks and U.S. 40, but I can't remember their names right now. They are reasonably good places to watch trains. I've stayed at both of them, the location is on the West side of Granby right on the highway."
Source: email (Last revision date: Thu, 21 Jul 94)

Denver NE/Hudson CO KOA
Hudson, CO
Comments: "I thing that there is a large BN(?) yard just over a small hill. I heard switching all night and about ever 30 min a train would come by on the tracks at the edge of the Campground. I didn't get a chance to check, but I will be stopping there on Aug 17 on my way back from Portola."
Source: (Last revision date: Wed, 13 Jul 1994)

Blue Fox Motel
1150 N. Townsend
Montrose, CO 81401
Comments: "Right across the street from the Southern Pacific track, this motel, newly redecorated, offers a great value. Currently, the railroad track sees very little activity other than a weekly sugar train to the largest candy factory in the world, which is in Montrose."
Source: email (Last revision date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996)

Hecla Junction or Browns Canyon
Salida, CO
Comments: "Right across the Arkansas River from the old Rio Grande's Royal Gorge route, which is up for abandonment if the UP-SP merger is approved. Great place, with about a dozen campsites right above the river. Previously a pretty busy line, but now down to just a few trains a day if that. Good flyfishing, too. Don't go during summer as it's overrun with noisy, rude, rafters. On a county road off US-285 about 2-3 miles north of junction of 285 and Colorado 291. Administered by BLM and state parks. Enjoy."
Source: email (Last revision date: Sun, 3 Dec 1995)

Red Mountain Lodge
7th and Greene St.
Silverton, CO
Comments: "Three blocks from the Durango & Silverton station and two blocks from the tracks, with a good view of the frequent steam-pulled passenger trains. Clean, relatively inexpensive rooms."
Source: email (Last revision date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996)

Silverton Dude Corrals
852 Mineral St. (9th and Mineral Sts.)
Silverton, CO
Phone: (970) 387-5763
Comments: "Just one block away from the Durango & Silverton station, two furnished kitchenettes are available at low daily rates. Very unconventional environment (right beside a horse corral) but a great buy."
Source: email (Last revision date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996)

Steamboat Springs KOA
29135 West US 40
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
Phone: (970) 879-0273
Train Frequency: "D&RGW Craig branch--possibly 8 trains a day?"
Comments: "Located along the banks of the Yampa River, which was in flood stage when we visited. There's an island between the main campground and the tracks, which means the Kamping Kabins don't have a direct view of the track (though if you listen carefully you can hear passing trains), but there are tent campsites on the island, and you ought to be able to get a good spot if you're tenting."
Source: (Last revision date: Weds 14 Aug 96)


Edgewater Resort Motor Inn
56 Bridge St.
Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: 263-3194
Train Frequency: "70+ trains a day!"
Comments: "I was recently vacationing in Montana and watched BNSF trains along Hwy. 2 east of West Glacier. Is this the area you guys are referring to as Miarias Pass? If so, there were definitely BNSFs running on this line. However, the best place I found to watch them was in Sandpoint, Idaho. 70+ trains a day! The Edgewater Resort literally has Lake Pond Orielle on one side and the BNSF line on the other. If anyone goes, stay on the bottom floor. The rooms are VERY well insulated from the noise. Upper level rooms are NOISY all night long. We lucked out.."
"I went to Sandpoint last summer for the first time. We arrived at 1100 and could not check in until 3PM (did not make wife happy) but gave us sometime to look around. Long story short, I did not find the best place to take pictures until 4 hours before we left the next day. OH WELL!"
"Little upper end but it is on the lake with lots of swimming and stuff for the wife and kids to do while you walk up the road a few hundred feet behind the hotel to the Amtrak station and take pictures. This is the spot I found just before we left."
Source: (Last revision date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997)


Name: [None]
Comments: "There are several private, national forest, and national park campgrounds along the south border of Glacier National Park in Montana that are pretty close to BN's Marias Pass mainline. Just follow US 2."
Source: (Last revision date: 14 Jul 1994)

Izaak Walton Inn
P.O. Box 653
Essex, MT 59916
Phone: (406) 888-5700
Train Frequency: BN Marias Pass mainline; average of at least one train per hour, plus light helper movements (typically two sets of helpers are based at Essex, right next to the hotel).
Comments: "Yes, there are lots of rooms with views of the tracks; larger groups can also stay in nearby cabooses which are owned by the inn and which are quite nicely furnished inside. The dining room also has views of the mainline. Plus, you can sit on the front porch and watch trains from there."
"Essex (very small town of about 300 people on the edge of Glacier National Park) is a flag stop for the Amtrak Empire Builder. The platform is about half a mile from the hotel. If you tell them you are arriving by train, they send their van down to pick up you and your bags. The inn was built by Great Northern to bring tourists to Glacier, and has a very strong railroad flavor throughout. The gift shop sells railroad pins and decals and copies of Del Grosso's railfan guide to Marias Pass."
"If you arrive by train, you can rent a car from the inn for nearby railfan activities. A snowshed with good photo locations is within about 10-15 minutes walking distance."
Source: (Last revision date: 20 Jul 1994)

State Park
Whitefish, MT
Comments: " State Park on Whitefish Lake has campsites that are so close to BN "High Line" the ground shakes. Line is 30 -40 feet above level of campsites and there is a grade crossing close by. Can be a busy line during the night, I don't mind that but it probably doesn't impress other visitors."
Source: email (Last revision date: Tue, 02 Jul 96)


Cascade Locks KOA
841 NW Forest Lane
Cascade Locks, OR 97014
Phone: 800-562-8698
Train Frequency: See below.
Comments: "A few years ago we pitched our tent in a KOA campground which is directly adjacent to the UP main line on the south side of the Columbia River near Cascade Locks, Oregon. We were only about 100 ft. from the tracks."
"Exactly 12 trains came by very loudly between 10 pm and 7 am. I think my wife and son slept through a few of them but I didn't. In fact I was awake for quite a few BN trains across the river."
"That was a little too close. The best distance for sleeping is where the trains are loud enough to get into your dreams but not loud enough to wake you every time."--July 17, 1996.
"The Columbia River between Portland and Umatilla is a trainwatcher's paradise, and the Cascade Locks KOA is ideally located, being less than an hour from Portland on the UP (south) bank and with one of the few bridges (Bridge of the Gods) over the Columbia in this stretch providing access to the Washington side. The KOA itself is located right by the UP mainline, with just a very thin screen of bushes between them, and every train shakes the ground as it passes. The owners are very nice and always appreciative of people who actually like the trains (I guess they get a lot of complaints). The UP line is very busy; I don't have an official traffic count but it's not unusual to see two or three trains per hour. When the air's just right you can also hear BNSF (former SP&S) trains across the river, which can be confusing, as they sound very close but never actually arrive. ^_^."
"For meals, there's the glorious CharBurger up the road, with huge picture windows overlooking the Columbia and providing a perfect view of the SP&S line across the river. If you find the right seat, you can also keep an eye on the UP mainline directly below."--August 10, 2005
Source: email (Last revision date: 08 Aug 2005)

Name: [None]
Curtin, OR
Comments: "There is a County Campground at Curtin, OR (on I-5 about 20 miles north of Roseburg) that is adjacent to the Central Oregon & Pacific (ex - SP) line. Don't know if any trains run at night. The campground has facilities for trailers, and a play area for the kids."
Source: email (Last revision date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998)

Hilgard Junction State Recreation Area
Hilgard, OR
Comments: "There is a state campground at Hilgard. I heard several trains go by, but never saw any that night. The railroad is just on the other side of the nearby freeway (I-84). This area is between the summit at Kamela and the valley yard at La Grande. I wish I had had more time to drive around the side roads and find the tracks."
Source: (Last revision date: 05 Nov 1996)

Viento State Park
Hood River, OR
Phone: 1-800-551-694
Train Frequency: "Union Pacific Mainline from Portland OR to Salt Lake City, 10-20 trains a day."
Comments: "Nearest campsite ~ 100 feet from the track, Furtherest is a few hundred feet Lots of trees, so it's not directly visible by all campsites. A few trails to the tracks, no fence last time I was there. ~ 20-30 sites."
"Picnic area next door. Oregon State Parks are typically better than any commercial campground. Hot showers. Real Clean. You can also see the BN mainline on the othe side of the Columbia River. This is a water-level route and the UP trains are moving at a good clip. "
"Along with the other campgrounds near railroads in the area (Memaloose State Park is just upstream closer to The Dalles, and Ainsworth State Park is downstream near about 35 miles from Portland), Viento is closed for part of the year. All these parks closed the end of October and will re-open March 1. Campsite fees range from $12 on up for a tent or electrical site, and $15and up for a full-hookup site."
"Viento doesn't have a pay phone, but Memaloose does. Anyone can get more information on state park campgrounds by calling our toll-free number: 1-800-551-6949. Memaloose accepts reservations; the number for the reservation center is 1-800-452-5687. Both numbers are staffed Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST."
Source: (Last revision date: 05 Nov 1996)

Name: [None]
Klamath Falls, OR
Comments: "There is a motel adjacent to the station the name of which I do not remember; I did not stay there but a friend of mine did. It is used by railroaders on layover; so there is atmosphere going on for days. Also adjacent to the station is a restaurant called Valair's which is also used by railroaders on layover and consequently also with atmosphere to burn. The food was simple, plentiful and cheap. If you want nouvelle cuisine this place is not for you."
Source: email (Last revision date: Mon, 31 Oct 94)

City park
Myrtle Creek, OR
Comments: "There is a city park with camping in Myrtle Creek, Oregon which is adjacent to the mainline of the Central Oregon and Pacific (former SP Siskiyou line). From I-5 take exit 108 and cross the bridge across the South Umpqua River. Turn right onto third street and follow third to the end. The campground is on the left side."
Source: email (Last revision date: 2 Jan 2001)

Holiday Inn Portland-Airport (I-205)
8439 NE Columbia Blvd.
Portland, OR 97220
Phone: (503) 256-5000
Train Frequency: "The Kenton Line was reasonably busy (probably about an average of one train per hour on the Friday night and Sunday night I stayed there.)"
Comments: "Rooms on the south side look toward UP's Kenton Line. Higher floors are better as the tracks are elevated above and across the street from the hotel. A mixture of trains were included, intermodal, grain, potash and merchandise trains. The hotel shuttle provides transportation to the airport, and the new light rail line serving the airport."
Source: email (Last revision date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 Sun, 7 Apr 2002)

Motel 6 #407, I-84 Exit 17
1610 NW Frontage Rd.
Troutdale, OR 97060
Phone: (503) 665-2254
Train Frequency: High
Comments: "Located in an eastern suburb of Portland, near the junction of UP's Graham and Kenton lines. The Kenton line is in sight behind the motel; the Graham line is within earshot a little further away. Just east of the motel the lines join and head up the south bank of the Columbia River through the spectacular Columbia River Gorge."
Source: (Last revision date: 27 Sep 94)

Hot Springs
Union, OR
Comments: "There's a marvelous old hot springs facility with hotel only a stone's throw away from the UP mainline. 30 trains a day. Call ahead to see if they're still in business. I've never stayed here, just passed through a few times."
Source: email (Last revision date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996)


Kanasket-Palmer State Park
Comments: " With the soon to be open Stampede Pass line, I believe the tracks at Palmer Jct. run through or next to Kanasket-Palmer State Park. If and when I get a chance to find out I will let you know."
Source: email (Last revision date: Mon, 15 Jul 96)

Money Creek Camp Ground
Comments: "I also wanted to add the Money Creek camp groud located along the Burlington Nothern Line in the Mt. Baker, Snoqualmi National forest. The camp ground is situated so you over look the river as well as the rail bridge that crosses the Skykomish river. The camp ground is very clean and rest beneath the canopy of giant Ceders that the eagles roost in during the salmon runs."
Source: email (Last revision date: 5 Mar 2005)

Wind Blew Inn Motel
Hc 61 Box 10
Cle Elum, WA 98922
Phone: 509-674-2294
Train Frequency: "This motel on the west side of Yakima is in sight of the BN's Stampede Pass line. Although currently just 4 to 6 trains pass through, the volume should grow as the Stampede Pass line is further upgraded."
Source: (Last revision date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997)

Best Western Ellensburg Inn
1700 Canyon Road
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Phone: 509-925-2093
Train Frequency: "This motel on the west side of Yakima is in sight of the BN's Stampede Pass line. Although currently just 4 to 6 trains pass through, the volume should grow as the Stampede Pass line is further upgraded."
Comments: "This Best Western is probably the one seen across the road from the BN's Stampede Pass line."
Source: (Last revision date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997)

Columbia Inn Motel
602 Frontage Road
Kalama, WA 98625
Phone: 360-673-2855
Train Frequency: "BN, UP, and Amtrak share the busy main line from which this motel can be seen."
Source: (Last revision date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997)

Ramada Inn - Clover Island
435 Clover Island
Kennewick, WA 99336
Phone: 1-800-2RAMADA
Train Frequency: "All BN trains between Pasco and the Pacific Coast, whether going via the Stampede Pass route or the Columbia River route cross a major river approximately 0.6 miles downriver from the Ramada."
Comments: "You will hear the whistles of trains even if you do not see them from your room. A UP branch line is nearby, along with the BN main lines. The main BN Pasco Yards and the Pasco Amtrak station are across the river, but not in sight of the Ramada."
"Phone: 509-586-0541 or 1-800-2RAMADA"
Source: (Last revision date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997)

Motel 6 #311; US 12 & 395
1520 N Oregon St
Pasco, WA 99301
Phone: (509) 546-2010
Train Frequency: High
Comments: "Located near BN's huge Pasco yard, a major classification yard. The motel is situated in the vicinity of the tracks between the yard and the engine terminal, which are each about a mile away. It is a convenient base from which to chase BN's 7th sub main line to Spokane."
Source: (Last revision date: 27 Sep 94)

Name: [None]
Roosevelt, WA
Comments: "A county camping area is a few miles east or west of Roosevelt, where the BN cuts off a sliver of the river, turning it into a lake. Quite a nice place, with BBQ stands, restrooms, running water, and 20-30 trains/day. You can camp at the foot of the RR embankment."
Source: email (Last revision date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996)

Great Northern Rail Inn
210 Railroad Ave
Skykomish, WA 98288
Phone: 360-677-203
Comments: "I would like to add a hotel that is now open in Skykomish WA. The Inn is located in the historic district of Skykomish WA and is just a few 100 feet from the Burlington Northern Line. The rooms look out over the 110 year old depot, Great Northern Caboose and of course the rail way. This cute in has a cafe on the first floor that features plentiful home-style food. They also have an onsite cocktail lounge called the Caboose Room. The historic inn is non-smoking and very family and rail fan friendly. The hostess/inn keeper always seems to have time to talk about the history of the area and provides plenty of reading materials for visitors."
"Please find out more about this recently re-opened historic inn. We really enjoyed our stay!"
"For a real step back in time the Whistling Post Tavern is just a block from the hotel and is full of memorabilia- but be prepared for the smoke."
Source: email (Last revision date: 5 Mar 2005)

Shangri-La Motel
2922 W Government Way
Spokane, WA 99204
Phone: 509-747-2066
Train Frequency: "Frequent"
Comments: "From the doorway of my room I could see trains which used the BN high bridge. All BN trains between Spokane and Seattle use the BN high bridge along. BN has two routes for Spokane Portland trains, one of which goes over the high bridge. Dispatcher discresion is used to select which trains go over the high bridge. UP use BN trackage rights for entry into Spokane via the BN's Portland routes. I arrived at the motel after dark. After dark, one can only make out the running lights of the locomotives as the bridge was so high that there was nothing to silhouette the trains against the sky. I heard far more trains than I saw! Trains to/from Seattle, were somewhat easier to spot as they turned and actually could be seen in two directions. "
"The Shangi-La provides transportation to/from the Spokane Airlport."
Source: (Last revision date: 1 Oct 1995)

Tiki Inn Motor Lodge
Spokane, WA
Comments: "Both the Tiki Inn Motor Lodge and Motel 7 (that's actually the name, not a typo.) are pretty good. The Tiki Inn is right next to the BN Main line on the west end of downtown. I think rooms on the second floor back side are about level with the tracks. The one time I stayed there I remember the whole building shook like a 7.5 earthquake everytime a train went by, at least once per hour. The one down side is that this place is in a rather rough section of town, though the motel is very clean and nice."
"As a bonus, about 1 block due west on Second street (or avenue, can't remember which) is a diner that's an old Northern Pacific coach car. I think it's called Frank's diner, not positive on that either. I'll see if I can find an exact address and phone."--email
"Franks Diner is the name of the restaurant in the restored railraod equipment. I saw this from a taxi so I don't have any culinary recommendations."
Source: (Last revision date: 1 Oct 1995)

Value Inn by Nendels
1420 W 2nd Avenue
Spokane, WA 99204
Phone: 509-839-2026
Train Frequency: "Very Busy - All BN trains through Spokane along with UP trains between hinkle and Spokane pass on adjacent former NP main line."
Comments: "Near Frank's diner, a converted railroad car."
Source: (Last revision date: 1 Oct 1995)

West Wynn - Motel 7
2701 W Sunsett Blvd
Spokane, WA 99204
Phone: 509-747-9123
Comments: "Both the Tiki Inn Motor Lodge and Motel 7 (that's actually the name, not a typo.) are pretty good. "
"As a bonus, about 1 block due west on Second street (or avenue, can't remember which) is a diner that's an old Northern Pacific coach car. I think it's called Frank's diner, not positive on that either. "
"The Motel 7 is a little bit further to the west and is right under the high bridge that all trains heading west from Spokane cross over Hangman Creek. I've never actually stayed at this place, so I can't tell you how clean it is, but the view of the bridge from the street in front is pretty spectacular."
Source: (Last revision date: Sun, 1 Oct 1995)

Westcoast Ridpath Hotel
515 W Sprague Avenue
Spokane, WA 99204
Phone: 800-426-0670 or 509-838-2711
Comments: "...would strongly suggest arranging Ridpath stay for that night, with request for room on east side overlooking the Rail Station. Great view of much rail traffic, and Ankeny's restaurant on top floor also great veiw and excellent fare. Hotel has free airport transport, and airport only 15-20 min away."
Source: (Last revision date: 1 Oct 1995)

La Quinta Inn
1425 E 27th Street
Tacoma, WA 98421
Phone: 253-383-0146
Train Frequency: "Near a BN yard not far from the BN's Portland - Seattle main line."
Comments: "From upper floors on the railroad side (north side?) of the motel, the BN's yard and main line should be seen a couple of blocks away. The motel is also just a few blocks from the Tacoma Amtrak station."
Source: (Last revision date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997)

Doubletree Hotel at the Quay
100 Columbia Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
Phone: 1-800-222-TREE
Train Frequency: "BN's Spokane - Portland main line passes by with frequent freights and one Amtrak per day in each direction."
Comments: "The hotel is situated between the Columbia River and the BN at the north end of the Interstate Bridge at I-5. The hotel advertises transportation to/from the Portland Airport, 15 minutes away."
"Phone: 360-694-8341 or 1-800-222-TREE"
Source: (Last revision date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997)

Riverside Motel
4400 Lewis and Clark Highway
Vancouver, WA 98661
Phone: 360-693-3677
Train Frequency: "BN's Spokane - Portland main line passes by with frequent freights and one Amtrak per day in each direction."
Comments: "A small hotel across the road from BN main line."
Source: (Last revision date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997)

West Coast Wentatchee Center Hotel
201 N. Wentachee Ave.
Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (800) 426-0670 or (509) 622-1234
Train Frequency: "BN Freight trains pass almost once per hour. Amtrak's Empire Builder also passes."
Comments: "Hotel is adjacent to ex-GN main line and yards in the heart of Wentachee. Half of the rooms have a view of the tracks, but rooms on the fourth floor or higher have the best views. Rooftop restaurant and lounge also provide excellent views."
Source: Passenger Train Journal - January 1991 Issue (Last revision date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995)

Motel 6
1104 N 1st Street
Yakima, WA 98901
Phone: 509-454-0080
Train Frequency: "This motel on the west side of Yakima is in sight of the BN's Stampede Pass line. Although currently just 4 to 6 trains pass through, the volume should grow as the Stampede Pass line is further upgraded."
Comments: "Railfans visiting the area should not miss either the trolley museum in Yakima or the tourist train on the Toppenish, Simcoe & Western."
Source: (Last revision date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997)


La Quinta Inn, Cheyenne, Wyoming
2410 W. Lincolnway
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: 307-632-7117; 800-531-5900
Train Frequency: "Train frequency is almost continuous on this busy stretch of UP's east-west mainline."
Comments: "$55.00 per night... Located on old U.S. 30 west of Cheyenne. The Union Pacific mainline between Chryenne and Laramie is across the road and is visible from many rooms."
Source: email (Last revision date: Sat, 17 Sep 1994)

Western Hills Campground
2500 Wagon Circle Rd.
Rawlins, WY
Train Frequency: "The name of the rail line is Union Pacific. The number of trains per day is approximately 200."
Comments: "Western Hills Campground sits on top of the hill and the trains can be viewed from the campground. When the train crosses a road near by it blows it's whistle 2 longs and 1 short. You can hear it from the campground. Since the elevation is only 6,800 feet, we have one of the lowest elevations for crossing the Rocky Mountains. The trains come from Denver, Salt Lake City, and points both east and west. The train depot has just been remodeled and is open to the public. It is located approximately 2 miles from the campground. Amtrak no longer stops here, however."
Source: (Last revision date: April 1998)

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