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Southeast United States

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Country Inns and Suites
Decatur, AL
Train Frequency: "i would say there are at least 40-50 trains in 24 hr period roll through here."
Comments: "i would like to share a spot that i feel is great. it is in decatur alabama. it is a country inns and suites hotel. that is the name of the hotel chain. if you get a room in the back facing the southwest, you can actually see the grade crossing from your room. this crossing is just south of the bridge that is used by csx and norfolk southern over the tennessee river. this is the busy csx birmingham-nashville line. and the norfolk southern line is the memphis-chattanooga line. the csx line is a bit busier than the ns ... the hotel costs about 60.00 usd a night, but it is a very nice hotel. if you are a train buff, get a room in back and enjoy the parade"
Source: email (Last revision date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002)


Embassy Suites Boca Raton
661 Northwest 53rd St
Boca Raton, FL 33487
Phone: (561) 994-8200
Train Frequency: "Tri-Rail has the highest frequency of trains on the line, Amtrak has three in each direction, and CSX has a couple of through freights per day plus locals."
Comments: "The Embassy Suites in Boca Raton is located approximately 120 yards from the Tri-Rail Boca Raton Station. Tri-Rail uses a line owned by the State of Florida that is also used by Amtrak and CSX."
"(561) 994-8200 or 1-800-EMBASSY"
"Fax: 561-994-9518"
Source: email (Last revision date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000)

Spring Hill Suites
Boca Raton, FL
Comments: "The CSX/Tri-Rail/Amtrak route is next to the hotel and the grade crossing announces every train! This is visible from the pool!"
"There is a Tri-Rail station in walking distance. So, the trains slow for photos and you can grab a ride. CSX runs a few trains in the middle of the day in between commuting times. We saw a UP welded rail train!"
Source: email (Last revision date: 14 Apr 2005)

Town Place Suites
Boca Raton, FL
Comments: "The CSX/Tri-Rail/Amtrak route is next to the hotel and the grade crossing announces every train! This is visible from the pool!"
"There is a Tri-Rail station in walking distance. So, the trains slow for photos and you can grab a ride. CSX runs a few trains in the middle of the day in between commuting times. We saw a UP welded rail train!"
Source: email (Last revision date: 14 Apr 2005)

Holiday Inn Fort Lauderdale North
4900 Powerline Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: (954) 776-4880
Train Frequency: "Tri-Rail has the highest frequency of trains on the line, Amtrak has three in each direction, and CSX has a couple of through freights per day plus locals."
Comments: "This Holiday In is adjacent to the State of Florida's rail line that is used by Tri-Rail, Amtrak, and CSX …... Rooms on the north side may have the best view as hose rooms look out on Commercial Boulevard where there is an unobstructed view of the grade crossing. Rooms on the east side, adjacent to the tracks, may have there views obscured by the trees planted between the hotel and the tracks."
"(954) 776-4880 or 800-873-6527"
"Fax: 954-776-1261"
Source: email (Last revision date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000)

Red Roof Inn
4800 Powerline Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: (954) 776-6333
Comments: "When I stayed at the Holiday Inn Fort Lauderdale North, I also noticed the Red Roof Inn one block south. It is also adjacent to the State of Florida's tracks, but I do not know how good the views are."
"Fax: (954) 776-3648"
Source: email (Last revision date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000)

Budget Inn
12670 US Hwy 301North
Lawtey, FL
Phone: 904-782-1800
Train Frequency: "Train frequency is probably 40 a day during the week, a bit less on weekends, great hotel to just sit in your room and watch them pass by."
Comments: "It sits across from the CSX tracks which run from Jacksonville to points south in Florida (Tampa, etc) it is just south of the big Baldwin CSX yard. The hotel sits right across US 301 facing the tracks, you can see them out your front hotel window, you can definitely see them and hear them as well!! As a matter of fact I had trouble sleeping and I love trains...they can be heard all right, it will blow you right out of your room, it seems like they are coming through the room."
Source: email (Last revision date: 3 Apr 2006)

Holiday Inn
1614 N. U.S. Highway 1
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Phone: (904) 672-1060
Comments: "Junction I-95 N. and U.S. 1 Daytona Beach, FL [address listed above is mailing address] [alternate phone is] Holiday Inn national reservations number (800) HOLIDAY Most of the motels in the Daytona Beach, FL area are located on or near the beach, and away from Florida East Coast tracks. However, the Holiday Inn at the junction of I- 95 and U.S. 1 about 10 miles north of the center of Daytona Beach has a block of rooms in the rear of the inn that overlook the Florida East Coast's main line. Because of the growth between the Holiday Inn and the tracks, I would recommend rooms on the second floor (such as even numbered rooms from 234 to 250) for the best views. I spent little waking time in the room, but in the evening from 8:30PM on both of two nights frequency of trains was approximately one per hour. Motel rates vary considerably in the Daytona Beach area between off peak times and times of special events. During special events, rates at some hotels are as much as three times off peak rates. In November 1994 (off peak) a single including tax was approximately $45 per night."
Source: email (Last revision date: Sun, 6 Nov 1994)

Quality Inn
1111 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Phone: (904) 824-5554
Train Frequency: "Depending on the day of the week, Florida East Coast runs five to eight trains per day in each direction past the hotel. Traffic tends to slow on the weekends."
Comments: "he hotel is so close to the tracks that guests are asked to sign a wavier that acknowledges that they know that a railroad runs behind the hotel. The rear parking lot abuts the FEC's single track main line. Rooms on the rear are the best, but stairways interfere with the views from some of the rear rooms. A lake is on the far side of the tracks allowing photography with an uncluttered background. Fax: 904-828-2948"
Source: email (Last revision date: 26 Jan 2008)


KOA (?)
Cartersville, GA
Comments: "We also camped in [a campground] in Allatoona Lake in Georgia, which I think is on CSX's busy Chattanooga-Atlanta mainline. It's near Cartersville Georgia (listed in Trains magazine as a hotspot) and is right on I-75. We stayed there one night and heard them all night long. (Unfortunately my parents weren't too happy about them and won't stop there again :( I think the campground was a KOA, but I'm not sure."
Source: (Last revision date: Tue, 12 Jul 1994)


Clarion Hotel Riverview
668 W. Fifth St.
Covington, KY
Phone: (606) 491-1200
Comments: "An announcement in the April 2000 issue of Railpace for the Conrail Technical Society's Annual Convention indicated that the convention would be held at this hotel and described it as, 'Full service hotel with view of busy CSX railroad bridge.' "
Source: email (Last revision date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000)

Albert's Historical Railroad Hotel
Mulberry Street
Russell, KY 41183
Phone: (606) 836-6344
Comments: "Albert's Historical Railroad Hotel is the ex-railroad YMCA located at the east end of CSX's Russell Yard. Spartan (no phones, no television, showers down the hall) but cheap. Benches on the porch are excellent seats for watching the comings and goings of CSX."
Source: Passenger Train Journal - August 1990 Issue (Last revision date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995)


Holiday Inn - Downtown Shvreveport
102 Lake St.
Shreveport, LA 71101
Phone: 318-222-7717
Train Frequency: "Trains passed by a couple of times each hour, and the headlamps from approaching trains from accross the river shined into my room".
Comments: "Until this Spring, I traveled for my job, usually spending a week with customers of my employer. During one week last year, I stayed in Shreveport, LA at a Holiday Inn which was right at the intersection of two railroads. I believe these were the IC and St L & SW, although many of the locomotives had the markings of Kansas City Southern."
"My room faced accross the Red River, looking parallel to what I believe was the IC where it crossed the Red River. The tracks from both railroads passed within ten yards of the hotel, right behind the fence for the hotel swimming pool."
" The manager at the front desk warned me about the rooms they had available, due to the noise of the trains, but had apparently had previous guests who appreciated the experience. I have to say that this was one of my favorite hotels to stay at because of the train watching opportunities. While I slept very little the first night, the succeeding nights railroad activity had almost a lullaby effect."
"I though that this hotel should be mentioned in your list."
"The hotel is right off I-20 at exit 19A onto Spring St. Several casinos are nearby: Horseshoe Casino, Harrah's Casino, and Isle of Capri Casino."
Source: email (Last revision date: Fri, 2 May 1997)

North Carolina

RiverCabin Rentals
Bakersville, NC
Comments: "...I am a train buff. I have a cabin on the Toe river west of Bakersville in NC. The CSX Clinchfield RR runs right through my property. The view from the cabin looks down at the river at the trains coming and going. At night it is a spectacular site watching the trains follow the river in the darkness. Thought you might be interested in putting our web site on your site. Please visit our site for details…"
Source: email (Last revision date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004)

Name: [None]
Black Mountain, NC
Comments: "A little over 500 miles southwest of there in western North Carolina is Black Mountain, just east of Asheville, along I-40 and US 70. There are a well managed non-chain motels near the Southern east-west line to Asheville, and about two miles west of Ridgecrest (which is the highest point on the Southern Railway at about 2800 feet). Whenever I am there, it always seems like a good solid train passes through at least once an hour. Many are coal drags or empties with remote locomotives in the middle. Because of the many mountains, many of them mile high peaks, this is a super place to listen to trains even if you can't see them; believe me, what an echo!!!"
Source: (Last revision date: Sat, 16 Jul 94)

South Carolina

McCormick Inn
127 S. Main Street
McCormick, SC 29835
Phone: (864) 852-0061
Comments: "We own McCormick Inn, an 1880's historic railroad hotel located in the heart of down town McCormick. We have 8 guest rooms each with its own private bath and AC. On site is Fannie Kate's Bistro where updated culinary classics are served. Also on site is Sir Marty's Pub that serves great pub fare and premium beer. Now when the train rolls by people in the pub yell train and we serve a half priced customized freight train shot. We are located where highways 378 and 221 intersect...Fax 866-589-5394" [Editor's note: McCormick is located on the CSX (former Atlantic Coast Line) running between Greenwood, SC and Augusta, GA]
Source: Email (Last revision date: 30 Jan 2009)


Holiday Inn Express
Route 27
Harriman, TN
Comments: "Ask for 2nd floor room facing front. see all trains off rathole on NS except trains diverging to Knoxville, but can still hear these on scanner calling Harriman Jct."
Source: email (Last revision date: 2 Mar 1998)

Scottish Inn
Harriman, TN
Comments: "see all trains off rathole on NS except trains diverging to Knoxville, but can still hear these on scanner calling Harriman Jct." Same as above [Holiday Inn Express in Harriman] but HIX is nicer and not too much $$"
Source: email (Last revision date: 2 Mar 1998)

Best Western Hickory Hollow Inn
Nashville, TN
Comments: "In 1984 while working outside Nashville, TN I stayed at the Best Western Hickory Hollow Inn on I-24 between Nashville and LaVergne. Outside my room was the RR (NS? CSX? some "Volunteer" please fill in :) Occasional fast moving trains, much more interesting than watching and listening to the traffic on I-24. As I recall there are several motels on that stretch of '24. Stay on the side away from the highway to watch and listen to trains. This is southeast of Nashville, but you can get to touristy things like Opryland and downtown fairly easily on I-24 and I-40."
"Of course it was ten years ago, so I'll be embarassed for posting if the line has been abandoned since then..."
Source: (Last revision date: 24 Jul 94)

Union Station Hotel
Nashville, TN
Comments: "You forgot this one. It used to be a working train station for L&N, NC&StL and finally Amtrak up until 1979. The CSX lines from Evansville, Louisville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Birmingham all converge right by it. There is a yard called Kayne Ave with a tower within sight of this hotel. The action NEVER stops. You will see Engines from WC, Soo, UP, NS, Helm, FURX and Electro-Motive. I dare say this is probably the best train watching spot in Tennessee, if not the mid-south. It is part of the Wyndom (don't know if I spelled that right) chain."
Source: email (Last revision date: Sat, 6 May 2000)


Breaks Interstate Park
VA-WV border
Comments: "Also not to be missed in SW VA is Natural Tunnel, about 30 miles from Kingsport TN. This very busy NS line runs thru a state park here with spectacular scenery backdrops. Most of the traffic is CSX coal (NS and CSX share this route and the old Clinchfield). A little farther west is Breaks Interstate Park on the VA-WV border. This is the Grand Canyon of the East, with a spectacular overlook into a deep gorge with the original Clichfield running along the river."
Source: email (Last revision date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996)

Embassy Suites
Alexandria, VA
Comments: "The Embassy Suites Hotel in Alexandria provided the perfect spot for riding and watching trains throughout our stay....We requested and were assigned a suite on the front side which allowed a perfect view of the busy rail line used by Amtrak, Virginia Railway Express, CSX and Norfolk Southern trains travelling between the Northeast and Florida, Atlanta, and New Orleans. This bonanza stood only a couple hundred feet from our windows and was augmented by the constant passage ofof Metro's Yellow and Blue Line trains in the foreground. Both the Amtrak/VRE station and Metro's King Street station stood directly opposite the hotel...."--from an article by Jack M. Turner
Source: Rail Travel News (Last revision date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001)

Henry Clay Inn
114 North Railroad Avenue
Ashland, VA 23005
Phone: (804) 798-3100
Comments: "P.O. Box 135."
"Ashland, VA is 15 miles north of Richmond along the former RF&P. Located adjacent to the tiny Amtrak depot, The Henry Clay Inn is a small 15 room inn that provides a front row seat to CSX freights and Amtrak trains operating on street trackage. Relax on one of the rocking chairs on the front porch or the second floor balcony as trains operate at restricted speed down the center of the street. Breakfast is included in the rate."
Source: Passenger Train Journal December 1992 Issue (Last revision date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995)

Name: [None]
Williamsburg, VA
Comments: "Here's a railfanner's dream (and railfanner's SO's nightmare :-)... it's a campground in Williamsburg, Va, that is about 20 feet from the main Chessie/Amtrack line to Newport News. At 2am, you think the train is going THROUGH your tent. I don't recall the name of the place, but it's easy for me to get it if you want to do that list. There are also a line of hotels along these tracks, but most of them are well-soundproofed."
Source: email (Last revision date: Wed, 13 Jul 1994)

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