Wheeling & Lake Erie [Norfolk & Western]
Cleveland, Ohio
March 26, 1971

Now this one is a puzzler. The Wheeling & Lake Erie, which entered Cleveland from the southeast, interchanged with the Erie at Literary Street Yard, out of view past the upper left of the slide. The train in this slide with Norfolk & Western units (the Nickel Plate absorbed the Wheeling in 1949 and was absorbed in turn by Norfolk & Western in 1964) appears to be on trackage which leads to the former Erie Scranton Road freight house, where the track ends. So there are two questions here: where is this train going, and how did traffic get from the W&LE to the Nickel Plate (and vice versa)? Neither USGS topographic maps nor the excellent Cleveland map in July 2010 Trains provide any clues, unless a major backup move involving the former Big Four was involved. Drop me a line if you can shed any light on this mystery.

In any case, this view looking south from the Lorain Avenue bridge shows the Nickel Plate Road's viaduct and lift bridge across the Cuyahoga River, as well as the Erie's Riverbed Line (at far right) and connecting track to the Big Four (to the left of the Riverbed Line). The Interstate 90 bridge is in the background.

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