Union Pacific
Granger, Wyoming
August 31, 1996

One would expect Granger, Wyoming, to be an ideal hotspot for railfan lurking. After all, the Union Pacific's Overland Route mainline across Wyoming with all of its traffic splits here, with one leg continuing on to Evanston and Ogden, while the other (the former Oregon Short Line) heads northwest to Pocatello and ultimately Portland. There is a lot of traffic through Granger.

There's just one problem: Granger is flat. Really, really, flat. These days the problem would be easily solved with a drone, but in 1996 that was hardly an option.

Here at the junction of the two lines, with the Oregon Short Line at left and the Overland Route at right, an eastbound train of autoracks has just passed through town and is on its way to Laramie and beyond. This view is from the Pine Street grade crossing.

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