Union Pacific
Salt Lake City, Utah
June 6, 1970

The Union Pacific has two lines into Salt Lake City from the south. One, the Los Angeles & Salt Lake, approaches via the Sevier Desert and runs along the south end of the Great Salt Lake. The other primarily serves heavy industry and coal mines in the Provo area and approaches downtown partly via city streets. Here a freight heads south on the Provo line and in a moment will curve to the left and then the right to run down the middle of Third West Street for a ways. The southern end of the UP station complex is at left, and the track branching to the right is the southern leg of the wye leading to the LA&SL line. The track paralleling the UP to the right is the Denver & Rio Grande Western's line to Ogden, where it connected with the Southern Pacific; this line was also used by the Western Pacific to access the joint D&RGW/WP depot south of the Union Pacific's.

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