Union Pacific
Nevada (Meadow Valley Wash)
October 16, 1996

Without a (very good) off-road vehicle the southern part of the Meadow Valley Wash is pretty much inaccesible to all but ranchers and the Union Pacific Railroad. This view from the rear of Amtrak's southbound (and long-gone) Desert Wind illustrates how much greener the southern end of the Wash is, as one passes the occasional ranch. This view is looking north from the rear car.

The current epidemic of "Darth Vader" (hooded) signals can be said to have originated with both Union Pacific and Denver & Rio Grande Western, which were using them as far back as the 1970's and before. Considering the brilliance of the desert sun in both roads' territory, their use is understandable. This signal is also an exception to Union Pacific's common practice of using paired searchlight signals for interlockings such as sidings.

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