Pennsylvania [Penn Central]
Youngstown, Ohio
July 30, 1970

Unlike the Baltimore & Ohio or the Erie, which took pretty direct routes through Youngstown, Ohio, the Pennsylvania's Erie & Ashtabula Branch threaded its way through town along the winding course of the Mahoning River. Here it's crossing under the Mahoning Avenue Bridge on the east side of Youngstown, on its way to Niles and Warren. To the right is the Baltimore & Ohio's secondary line through town (at one time the B&O's former Pittsburgh & Western mainline) to its freight house near the Wick Avenue Bridge. The Erie also had a branch line through here which paralleled the B&O's line from Girard to Haselton Yard, but by this time it was a thing of the past. The highway bridge in the distance is Marshall Street, which then crossed the Mahoning River on the bridge at far right.

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