Pennsylvania [Conrail]
Warren, Ohio
August 1981

Just east of the Erie's Warren, Ohio freight station (later temporarily repurposed as a passenger station until the end of Cleveland commuter service), the Pennsylvania's Pittsburgh, Youngstown & Ashtabula branch passed beneath the Erie mainline on its way to the Ashtabula ore docks. At one time double-tracked, the line still got considerable use under Conrail but only as far as the crossing with the former Erie's freight bypass at North Warren, where traffic was then diverted east to Latimer Junction and north on the former New York Central's Youngstown-Ashtabula line. North of North Warren the Pennsylvania is abandoned, with much of it now a bicycle trail. This view from the former Erie overpass is looking north, with the Youngstown Road grade crossing visible followed by the new U.S. Route 422 (South Street) overpass.

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