New York Central [Penn Central]
Rochester, New York (Goodman Street Yard)
October 9, 1970

This time looking northwest from Rochester's Main Street Bridge, we see one of the relatively frequent Buffalo to New York runs, still operated by Penn Central at this time but soon to be taken over by Amtrak in less than six months. This one is eastbound, having just left Rochester's sadly abbreviated passenger station a few minutes earlier. Although Goodman Street Yard is at ground level, the Central's mainline through downtown Rochester was elevated above street level although it's hard to tell in this photo just where it began.

By this time the Central's famous four-track mainline had been pretty much decimated during the Perlman era, being mostly reduced to two or three tracks with CTC, but through Rochester the famous four-track way was still in place at this time. The track closest to the camera is the Goodman Street Yard lead, though other tracks were used as necessary.

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