New York Central [Penn Central]
Batavia, New York
March 9, 1976

Batavia, New York, located approximately halfway between Buffalo and Rochester on the New York Central mainline, at one time held the odd distinction of being a town where you could board or disembark traveling west but could not do either going east. This oddity, which predated Amtrak, was retained by them in their first 1971 system timetable. In other words, you could take the train from Rochester to Batavia but you couldn't come backů

This "modern" (and rather drab) structure dates to the track relocation of the 1950s, when the 4-track mainline which formerly ran through the heart of the town was relocated to pass to the south. Apparently Penn Central didn't have the heart (or the money) to restore the "Y" in "York" to the signage on the building.

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