Erie [Erie Lackawanna]
Warren, Ohio
August 28, 1970

Trains nos. 28 & 29, informally known as the "Cleveland Commuters," were the Erie Lackawanna's last surviving passenger trains outside of the New York City area in spite of EL's attempts to discontinue them. Unsuccessful, at least, until it was discovered that most of their passengers were EL employees working in the road's Cleveland headquarters and traveling free on employee passes. The trains' last runs were on January 14, 1977. In their last years they were notable for using ex-Lackawanna coaches from the Phoebe Snow, making them one of the classier commuter operations. Here the evening run is making its 6:51 pm Warren stop on its way back to Youngstown. In the distance one of the many hot steel "bottle" trains is waiting for clearance to move through the station area. The gondolas on the far right track are parked on the Baltimore & Ohio's Newton Falls Subdivision.

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