Erie [Erie Lackawanna]
Warren, Ohio
July 18, 1970

The Erie's passenger mainline (former Cleveland & Mahoning line) through Warren, Ohio originally ran down the center of U.S. Hiughway 422 (South Street), which eventually caused no end of traffic problems. The fact that the double-track mainline was gauntleted in this stretch didn't help, either. Eventually in the 1960s the main was relocated to the south. A remaining stub of the old mainline can be seen in the middle left. At the far right, almost buried in the weeds, is the Baltimore & Ohio's Newton Falls Subdivision, which eventually joins the Lake Subdivision (Painesville branch) at De Forest Junction. Interestingly, this used to be the part of B&O's Pittsburgh & Western mainline until the joint Girard-Ravenna cutoff was opened jointly with the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1905, leaving this part of the crossing- and curve-infested former P&W a branch primarily serving Warren's steel mills.

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