Erie [Erie Lackawanna]
Buffalo, New York (FW Tower)
April 4, 1971

At Buffalo, New York's FW Tower the Erie's line from its East Buffalo Yard (later Bison Yard) to its downtown passenger and freight terminal crossed the Buffalo Creek and two Pennsylvania lines. The Erie used the Buffalo Creek to connect the East Buffalo Yard with its line leading southwest out of the city to ultimately connect with the Erie mainline at Waterboro, New York. Here, looking east from the Seneca Street bridge, FW tower is directly ahead, with the Buffalo Creek crossing from left to right (the Pennsylvania is not quite visible in this photo). Just past the searchlight signal the "Cadillac Curve" can be made out, a sweeping curve that made it easier for Norfolk & Western (former Nickel Plate) trains to navigate the steep curve onto Erie trackage.

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