Chicago & Eastern Illinois [Missouri Pacific]
Chicago, Illinois (Forest Hill Crossing)
June 18, 1972

Forest Hill Crossing in Chicago marks the crossings of the Pennsylvania (Penn Central), Baltimore & Ohio, Wabash (Norfolk & Western), Chesapeake & Ohio, and Belt Railway of Chicago railroads. Transfer runs were frequent, and rolling stock such as this Chicago & Eastern Illinois caboose were frequent sights.

By this time the C&EI had been taken over by the Louisville & Nashville (Woodland Junction, Illinois near Danville to Evansville, Indiana) and Missouri Pacific (Woodland Junction to St. Louis, Missouri and Thebes, Illinois), with the main stem from Woodland Junction to Chicago jointly owned by both roads. Judging from the obvious Missouri Pacific heritage of the newly-redesigned C&EI logo, it's safe to assume that this caboose was part of the MP system by this time.

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