Buffalo Creek
Buffalo, New York (FW Tower)
April 4, 1971

The junction at FW Tower, just south of Buffalo Central Terminal, may well have been the busiest junction in all of Buffalo. Here the Buffalo Creek (jointly owned by the Erie and the Lehigh Valley), the Erie, and two Pennsylvania lines crossed, complete with all of the obligatory interconnections. In this view looking north from Seneca Street the right two tracks belong to the BC and the leftmost to the Pennsylvania, with the Erie's line to its East Buffalo Yard (later rebuilt as Bison Yard) crossing from left to right. The Pennsylvania's line ultimately connected to its Chautauqua Branch. Less easy to make out is the Pennsylvania's Buffalo line, which essentially crosses from middle right to upper left, to ultimately connect with the New York Central just west of Buffalo Central Terminal (visible in the distance). The Erie also used the Buffalo Creek to connect with its line leaving Buffalo to the southwest, eventually joining the main at Waterboro, New York.

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