Arcade & Attica
Arcade, New York
August 16, 1970

One of the Arcade & Attica's two cabooses (no. 303, although the number is not visible) is seen here near Arcade, New York.

In 1880 the Tonawanda Valley Railroad was constructed with Erie Railroad support as a narrow gauge road from a junction with the Erie at Attica, New York south to Arcade. This was eventually extended to Cuba (New York) where it connected with the remainder of the Erie's famed narrow gauge network (including such roads as the Bradford, Eldred & Cuba and the Bradford, Bordell & Kinzua) as well as the Erie's original main line to Dunkirk, New York. Ultimately the line was cut back to Arcade and Attica after standard gauging in 1895. In 1917 the line was bought by local interests following a receivership and renamed Arcade & Attica. After years of running mixed train service only, starting in 1929, passenger service was completely discontinued in 1951.

For many years the A&A served the prison in Attica, but flooding in 1957 resulted in abandoning the line north of North Java.

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