Spokane, Portland & Seattle [Burlington Northern Santa Fe]
Marshall, Washington
September 7, 1999

Rarely does one find such a treasure as the Cheney Spokane Road highway bridge at Marshall, Washington. Beneath passes most of the traffic moving via Spokane, Washington. At the far left is the former Northern Pacific main, and at far right the former Spokane, Portland & Seattle fresh from its journey along the west bank of the Snake River before cutting cross country. The line rising from ground level on an embankment to the right of the former NP was a connector between the NP and SP&S lines.

Alas, change has come. The paved road to the left of the SP&S is where the shared Union Pacific/Milwaukee Road's line previously ran, apparently now a trail. Today the former NP and SP&S lines are part of Burlington Northern Santa Fe, with Union Pacific having trackage rights on both, while the Milwaukee Road is only a memory. This view looks south from the bridge.

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