West Virginia

Pennsylvania [Penn Central]
Weirton, West Virginia (Weirton Junction)
August 21, 1972

Weirton Junction was at one time part of a major through route for heavy freight on the Pennsylvania Railroad. Located north of Mingo Junction, and with a line branching off to the east to Pittsburgh via North McKees Rocks and a second running along the east side of the Ohio River to Rochester, Pennsylvania, it was clearly intended to handle a large amount of traffic. This view looks north towards the junction, protected by a signal bridge with two "red-eye" stop signals, as a southbound freight approaches, and was taken from U.S. Route 22 (today a divided highway).

With the abandonment of most of the line to North McKees Rocks (near Pittsburgh) and the severing of the Ohio River line between Newell, West Virginia and Kobuta, Pennsylvania, the only purpose of the remaining trackage today is to access the steel industries north of the junction.

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