New York

Delaware & Hudson
Riparius, New York
June 2, 1976

The town of Riparius, New York is today known as Riverside due to concern by New York over the existence of several Ripariuses (Riparii?). Located on a Delaware & Hudson branch leaving the main line at Saratoga Springs, it ultimately terminated at the mining town of Tahawus, and saw considerable service during World War II carrying minerals valuable to the war effort. Although abandoned by the D&H in 1989 the right of way was acquired by Warren County for promotion of tourism, and in 1999 the Upper Hudson River Railroad began operating excursion trains from North Creek to what by then was Riverside. Since then operations have been expanded south to Hadley. Currently the line is operated by Iowa Pacific Holdings with plans to extend freight service to the entire stretch between North Creek and Saratoga Springs.

This view looks north along the tracks in the direction of Tahawus. Although not visible here, the upper end of the Hudson River is behind the vegetation at left.

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