Baltimore & Ohio
Akron, Ohio (Akron Union Station)
July 29, 1971

Akron's Union Station, built in the 1950's, served trains of the Baltimore & Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroads; the Erie had its own station to the south. Union Station, visible on the far (east) side of the tracks, also connected to a Greyhound bus depot from where this photo was taken. The Erie's tracks are in the foreground, while the remaining tracks were shared by the B&O and the Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania's passenger service to the depot ceased on April 26, 1958, but the B&O continued to use the station until Amtrak Day (April 1, 1971). Although Amtrak resumed service to Akron in 1990 it did not use the Union Station, but did use one renovated platform.

Today the Greyhound depot is long gone. The concourse over the tracks remains, as does the station, now known as the University of Akron's Buckingham Building.

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