New Haven

New Haven [Penn Central]
New Haven, Connecticut
July 31, 1973

Here, just north of New Haven, Connecticut, the New Haven's lines to the north and east diverge. At the far left is the line to Meriden and Hartford, used by Amtrak, with the lead to the New Haven's Cedar Hill Yard just to its right; the yard can be seen just above the signal gantry. At the far right is Amtrak's Northeast Corridor line to Providence and Boston, while in between is the secondary line to Middletown and Portland. Today Cedar Hill Yard is abandoned, a wasteland of weeds, while the Portland line is broken between Cromwell and Rocky Hill. Only the Hartford line and the Northeast Corridor remain as through routes. Note that at this time the Northeast Corridor line north of New Haven was non-electrified. Taken from the Ferry Street bridge looking north.

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