Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley [Conrail]
Owego, New York
April 2, 1977

Although the Lehigh Valley interchanged with the Erie at Waverly, New York (just north of its major yard at Sayre, Pennsylvania), it also sent a tendril east along the Erie from Waverly all the way to Owego, where it used trackage rights on the Erie to enter Binghamton. The Lehigh also sent a branch north from here to connect with its considerable trackage in mid-upstate New York, with service to Cortland, Canastota, Auburn and Weedsport. Here at Owego is a Lehigh caboose in Penn Central green, a holdover from the Penn Central bankruptcy era when the PC tried to maintain its control over the Lehigh (the Pennsylvania had long had majority stock ownership). That of course ended with the Conrail takeover in 1976.

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